General diary entries


Another shout out to a great company.
We’ve just had unbelievably good service from Ebuyer.
16.5 hours from order to delivery!!!

We have brought quite a few things through Ebuyer in the past.
They are unbeatable on prices and they are extremely efficient.
Even on the one occasion in the past when there was a problem with an item after delivery, they were swift and efficient at replacing the item.
That same item is still working beautifully after over 6 years of regular use.

Anyway, they have outdone themselves today.
Like I posted last night, we made a last minute decision to buy Ian a 50 inch TV for the bedroom for his birthday.
The order was placed around 8pm last night and incredibly the TV arrived safe and sound at 12:30 lunchtime today!!

It’s all plugged in, wired up and working beautifully!!
Ian is one happy little birthday boy.
Of course he now wants a Bluray player to go with it!
There’s just no pleasing him.

So, time to drag him away from it now and go to the cinema and dinner in Milton Keynes.

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