General diary entries


One of the landmarks of Bedfordshire has always been the incredible Cardington Hangers.

Cardington 01

These things are HUGE and can be seen from miles away.
Photos don’t really do the size any justice at all.

They are probably most famous for the ill fated R101 Airship.

Cardington 02

The R101 was the largest flying craft at the time and crashed on it’s maiden voyage in France in 1930.

Airship production has never really ceased at the sheds and back in the 90’s I was lucky enough to go up in one from the hangers.

001 004

OK, the ship wasn’t quite as big and impressive as the R101 but it was a great experience.
The good news is……

Cardington 03

Yep! The airships are returning. Big ones too!
I would love to know if they plan on doing any trips around Bedfordshire again.

Anyway, the sheds themselves have another use.
From as early as the 1960’s, film makers have found them the perfect place to use for filming certain scenes.
Some scenes from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were filmed there. Most of Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines was filmed there.
Most recently, Christopher Nolan filmed his Batman Trilogy there.
Huge sets can be constructed inside the sheds.
The sheds themselves make an appearance in some of the opening scenes of Batman, The Dark Knight Rises.

They also make a great place for musicians to rehearse.
Over the years musicians such as Paul McCartney, Take That and U2 have all used the hangers to rehearse their big stage productions.

This Summer they are being utilised again by Warner Bros for their new production of ‘Pan’
This is apparently the origin story of Peter Pan and looks to be starring ‘Hugh Jackman’ as Blackbeard and ‘Garrett Hedlund’ as Hook.
There is no listing on IMDB for Pan himself yet.

Hugh Frickin Jackman and Garrett Hedlund, here in Bedford, all Summer!!!!


A Casting call has gone out to people in the general vicinity via
Looks like they are looking for a lot of circus type performers but they have also stated it’s not a necessity and anyone can apply.
I just wish I was a little younger, fitter and not tied to a job.
I was never brave enough to try anything like this. It would be nice to give it a go.

Time to keep the cameras handy.
You never know who your going to bump into around here this summer.

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