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OK, it’s been a bit of a movie day today.
We watched ‘The Darkest Hour’ earlier and have just this minute finished watching ‘Enders Game’.
I found both of them a bit……. bleh!
Enders Game, although making some valid points was being just a bit too cerebral for it’s own good.

Anyway, I managed to get out to breakfast with the hubby this morning and the rest of the day has been pretty relaxing.
Tomorrow I need to seriously look at my college work.
Up to now I haven’t really taken anything too seriously and I have probably got some English and Maths exams to tackle next month.
I’ve been given all the modules available in my QCF and now I just need to take a look at them and decide which ones I will take to tailor it to my particular job and needs.

Anyway, back to tonight and I’ve been taking a look at box office figures for various films.
I’m pretty stoked about the current results for Robocop!
Since it’s release at the beginning of February, it has raked in over 220 million Dollars worldwide and that is only going to rocket when the Bluray is released in June.
As the film only cost 100 million to make, I think the possibility of a sequel is looking quite good!

In fact it’s smokin!!


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