General diary entries


I’ve wasted too much time over the last few days watching movies and playing on the computer.
It’s time to actually get something a little more constructive done.

I have some college work to look through.
I’ve been given a list of all the modules available for my QCF so it’s time to explore each one and make a decision as to which ones I am going to attempt.

The house needs a good clean and the gardens could do with an early spring tidy up.
I also need to look at upping my exercise levels before my body gives up on me completely!!
So a walk around the Marina later today may be on the books.
It may just be the kick start I need.
I got into it a few years ago and lost 3 stone!! So I know I can do it.
I just need to drag myself away from this computer a little bit more.

The only thing guaranteed to put the kibosh on my plans is a delivery from the postie with another film I’ve been waiting for!

Categories: General diary entries

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