General diary entries


Daniel Espinosa is a Director to watch.

He has recently hit my radar for one good reason.
Joel Kinnaman.
That and the fact he’s a good Director doesn’t hurt either.

He’s Swedish, no surprise there.
He’s only 2 years older than Joel and they have both been in the business around the same amount of time.

Daniel made his name when he collaborated in writing and also directing ‘Snabba Cash (Easy Money)’
A film in which he placed Joel as the lead.

Hollywood took notice and Daniel was offered the chance to direct ‘Safe House’ with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.
He also gave his favourite Swedish actor a chance to appear in it.
This turned out to be the springboard into Hollywood that Joel needed.

Daniel’s latest film is ‘Child 44’
It is in post production and stars Joel alonside Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman.
Looks like Daniel likes to keep his favourite actors.

Anyway, I have read today that Daniel is in talks with Warner Bros to develop and direct ‘Blood On Snow’
It is apparantly a two-book series by crime novelist Jo Nesbo.
They will tell the story of a hit man who’s forced to go into hiding after he fails on a job and finds himself on the run with his intended target, who happens to be his boss’s wife.

Leonardo DiCaprio is apparantly eyeing it as a potential star vehicle.
I however, am hoping that now he has Robocop under his belt and three more big Hollywood productions in post production, maybe….. just maybe…. Joel will be given the chance to lead this project or at the very least, get the next best part.
The timing couldn’t be any better.
Three movies in post production and ‘The Killing’ coming to an end.
Joel must be looking for his next project.

I’m keeping my eye on this one!!

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