General diary entries


It’s been a lazy day.
Not that I haven’t got anything done.
I did gut the bathroom as it was growing a few lifeforms in the shower cubicle.
I even washed the towels and the shower curtain.

I’ve also just cooked a dinner…. for me and Marjorie at least.
Dharma ate at Nan’s, Murron can fend for herself when she gets in and Ian rarely eats a big meal when he’s on nights.
He says it’s like trying to eat a roast dinner for breakfast!

So, what have I been doing in between all that?
I’ve watched a new film.
Prisoners with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Not a bad film although it started to drag a little towards the end.

What do I have planned for tonight?
Well, I’m going to be watching a foreign film.
I Skuggan av Värmen‘ (In Your Veins)


I thought I would never get to see this film as it is no longer available on DVD and has never been available with English subtitles.
However, I played around a little on the computer this afternoon and discovered the subtitle files for lots of different languages to this film.
I also managed to find an AVI copy of the film. Bit naughty I know but if it was available to buy, I’d buy it!!
I’ve plonked the files together in VLC Media player and voila!
The film complete with subtitles.
I’ve actually impressed myself, I honestly didn’t think it would work.

Time to grab a box of tissues because I think it’s going to be an electrically charged emotional roller coaster to watch.
I’ll let you know later.

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  1. I can’t find the movie anywhere. After reading your post, I was just wondering, if you can give me a hint, where to find it? In danger of being too assuming, would you share your version with subtitles?

    • I wish I could! Unfortunately I lost both the film and subtitles a little while ago when my pc failed dramatically. I now cannot find it anywhere and my service provider is successfully blocking most torrent sites now. I have given up looking. I’m gutted. It’s such a good film. I hope you get to see it in the future.

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