General diary entries


I resisted for 6 years.
I already had a lot I was trying to keep up with and I promised myself I wouldn’t get drawn into anything new.
One of the few new programmes I have let in over the last couple of years is Almost Human with one of my obsessions, Karl Urban.

Today however, after I had a lot of stuff appear on my Tumblr Dash, I caved and watched the Pilot episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’!
I think you could say I’m hooked and I honestly didn’t think it was going to be my thing.
Obviously I was wrong.

Earlier today I saw something else.
Something with my current obsession in.
I know I said yesterday that I wouldn’t mention him again until I had some news or something to review.
Well, I have something to review.

I managed to get temporarily signed into the US Netflix and I watched the episode of Arn: The Knight Templar with Joel Kinnaman in.
I found myself pleasantly surprised.
The battle scene was very reminiscent of the battle scenes in Braveheart.
It was very well filmed and the whole episode made me think that maybe I should go back and watch the whole story up to that point.


Now, down to Joel.
He played a shit and a coward!! To put it bluntly.
But he did it very well.

I have to say that the long, dark, curly hair does not suit him one little bit.
It does however, make his character look like the complete slimeball he’s supposed to be.


I am really loving the swedish.
I could listen to him speak Swedish for hours.
Particularly when he’s upset and angry.

Pity he’s not in more episodes.
Doesn’t change the fact that I am actually going to go back and watch it all.

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