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Here’s a post for all of my UK friends.
I know this gets seen on my FB account so hopefully a few of you will take the time to have a quick read.

I’ll start by asking you some simple questions.

1 – Do you like going to the cinema?
2 – Do you not get to go as often as you like because of the cost?
3 – What if I told you, you cold go every day of the month for just £15.90 for the entire month?


At the start of the year Me and Ian decided to treat ourselves to Cineworld Unlimited cards.
It was the best decision we’ve made so far this year.
As long as you stick to 2D showings, your tickets are free.
You only need to see 2 films a month for the card to start paying for itself.
For the first year you still have to pay a 3D supplement if you want to see 3D but after 1 year, that too is free!!
You also get 10% off food and drinks and various restaurants also offer deals at certain times for card holders.
That percentage increases to 25% after one year.

Why am I posting this?
Are you interested in getting a card?
Are you interested in getting one month completely free?

Good, because you can also help us get one month free.

We’ve been given a couple of codes which means that when you sign up online, if you give them a code, you will get one month free and after you have been a member for three months, we will get a month free too!
Everyone benefits.

So pick a code.
Shelly – RAF-27GF-72NE-89XL-10VW
Ian – RAF-32GS-67CS-21JC-77FZ

Just nip onto the Cineworld website and sign up!
You won’t regret it.

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