General diary entries


OK, I have the day off.
I don’t really need to do anything today so I may just relax.
On the other hand, I could go and check out my old walking route around the Marina.
I really do need to start exercising a little more.

Anyway, I just need to get something off my chest first.

I have seen almost everything worth watching with Joel Kinnaman in it.
I have just one more DVD on the way in the form of ‘The Darkest Hour’
I’ve seen the dissapointing Lola Versus and the amazing Easy Money.
There are a couple of films he has very small roles in that I can wait to watch, Safe House and Girl With a Dragon Tattoo.

I have 3 movies to look forward to over the next year and I have the next two ‘Easy Money’ installments to look forward to on DVD…. and Robocop on Bluray at some point this year too!!

The rest of his work is lost to me because of the language barrier.
TV shows and TV movies that will never be released with English subtitles and there lies my biggest issue.
There is one Swedish film I have got to see.
I made the mistake of watching the trailer for I skuggan av värmen (In Your Veins)

Even though I can’t understand of word of what is being said, this looks like it could be a very powerful drama that I really want to see!!
The trouble is, it’s not available with English subtitles!!
I am gutted!
This looks like it could be a better movie than Easy Money.
It’s just not fair.

At least when I obsess about Karl Urban, he has a back catalogue of work in a language I understand!
I don’t have that luxury with Joel.

It looks like I’m just going to have to be patient and wait for all the work he is going to start getting in Hollywood to make it to our cinemas.
So there you go, I promise I will now stop gushing about Joel.
I have mentioned him in around 15 of my last 25 blogs!
I will only mention him in my blogs when I have any real news about him or I am reviewing a film.
Now I will just go and sulk for a while.

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