Dish of the Weeks


OK, I apologise now for the unreserved ‘gushing’ that is about to follow.

My last Dish of the Week was number 54 – Joel Kinnaman or Robocop, you decide.
The interest had only just reared it’s ugly head.

After 4 viewings of Robocop, an entire series catchup with ‘The Killing’ and a movie called Easy Money, I can now confirm that I have hit stalker level on my obsession with Joel Kinnaman.
So Dish of the Week number 55 is definately Joel Kinnaman.


He was born on the 25th November 1979, making him cradle snatcher material for a middle aged, mid life crisis mum!
He was born in Stockholm, Sweden to a Swedish Mother and an American Father.
His real name is Charles Joel Nordström.
He has a big sister called Melinda Kinnaman.


I say ‘big’ sister but he towers over her at just under 6’3″

He has a beautiful girlfriend in actress Olivia Munn and he is a snappy dresser!


His character in The Killing,  Det Stephen Holder, is a little hard to love at first.
You are made to feel very wary of him for the first half of the first season.
Then his character starts to flourish.
He has quirks and is very street wise.
He is also a battling ex heroine addict!
Most of the time he wears hoodies and jackets and jeans that you are just dying to pull up all the time!
Occasionally though, he does make an effort to smarten up.


His Character in Easy Money, Johan, is just an innocent young man, trying to make his way in the world who gets caught up in a string of events he can’t get out of.
He goes from being a hard working, fun loving student trying to fit in with the rich kids.


To a rabbit in the headlights when he gets in too deep.


Easy Money is one of a trilogy of movies and the second one is due on DVD in April.

Other than Robocop that I’ve blogged about enough before, I have yet to see him in anything else.
Getting hold of his older work is difficult, if not impossible.
The only other film I have found is ‘Lola Versus’ and that should be arriving on my doorstep any day now.

The future is looking rosey however as he has 3 films in post production.
Run All Night is due for release in February 2015 and Joel stars with Liam Neeson.
Then there’s Child 44 in which he stars with Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman. No date yet.
Then there’s Knight of Cups in which he stars with Christian Bale. Again, no date set yet.


So, lot’s to look forward to, including the final 6 episodes of The Killing currently being filmed.
I just wish he’d do something a little more light hearted.
He has a beautiful smile, he just doesn’t get to use it very often!!

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