General diary entries


That’s it!

Chores done, house tidy, kids not home for another 4 hours, Ian at work, chips and dips on standby, smidge early for a beer.

4 hours of bliss.
What shall I do?

Looks like it could be me and some ‘get to know Joel’ time.
I feel Dish of the Week 55 looming.

I’m waiting on the postie.
I’m expecting a film called ‘Lola Versus’ which would be nice to watch while the house is quiet.
Unfortunately I don’t think it will be arriving before Friday.
I can but hope.
If it hasn’t arrived in the next hour, I doubt it will today.

So, an hour or two on the computer and then I may just have to get my Joel fix by watching Easy Money again or going back to the beginning of ‘The Killing’.
The killing is more than a little depressing though and I want to see Joel smiling more!
There’s just a serious lack of anything available with English subtitles which is more than a little frustrating.
However, with three films in post production AND in English, it won’t be long before I can add to my movie collection.


He’s just adorabubble!!!

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