General diary entries


It’s going to be a movie day today.
Me and Ian curled up on the sofa with a bottle of wine.

I’ve just been having a flick through the on demand service to see what’s new and what do I find?

EASY MONEY!!!  with Joel Kinnaman.

That’s just not fair. It wasn’t there 2 days ago! 
I now have another dilemma.
I really, really want to see this film but I’m expecting it to arrive on DVD in the next couple of days.

Can I justify spending on a rental?
What if I’m disappointed and regret purchasing the DVD?
I know Ian won’t watch it because he doesn’t do subtitles so If I do get it, it’s to watch now or late tonight.

At least there’s hope that now Joel is more of a headliner after Robocop, the on demand service may pick up a few more of his pre-Robocop movies.

Decisions, decisions.

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