Month: March 2014


I just finished my first Long Day out of four in five days.
12.5 hours shifts!!
Only one day off in the middle and I’m going to have to use that to do some college work.

Not a nice week.
At least I have the weekend off but again, I will have college work to think about.
I have a ten minute talk to come up with on ‘Fees for Professional Bodies’
Exciting stuff!
At the minute I couldn’t talk about it for 30 seconds, let alone 10 minutes!!

It’s due on the 10th April and I’m a little panicked about it.
I haven’t done college/school work like this for over 25 years!!
I’m finding it more than a little bit daunting and I’m beginning to wish I’d never started.
Hey Ho.

Right time to put my feet up and enjoy a little bit of Joel before bedtime.
Got to be up at 05:30 to do it all again.


I’ve just spent the afternoon doing college work.
A health and safety module and a talk with statistics!
My head is swimming.

Time to relax a bit.
Do a bit of trolling for info and photos of Joel.
Hey! it’s good practice for trolling the internet for information in general so it will help with my college work.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, I’ve just found a quote from Joel that goes as follows….

“My best friend, Gustaf Skarsgard had just gotten into acting school. He was talking so passionately about it, and I was completely sucked in. Our colleges are free, but the acting program is the second most expensive education, second only to fighter pilot school. They only accept 10 people a year out of about 1,500 people and I got in!

I hadn’t cried since I was 12, and it wasn’t until I started acting again that I started to find those emotions. Now I’m a total crybaby.”

Joel Kinnaman, Hollywood Reporter, June 21 2012

All I can say is that was money well spent!!
He certainly knows how to cry on cue and has put it to great use in Snabba Cash, I Skuggan Av Varmen and Johan Falk: Kodnam Lisa in particular.
He knows how to use his puppy dog eyes and posture to look totally vulnerable and when he turns the water works on, he melts your heart and has you… hook, line and sinker!!

I suppose a huge thank you has to go to Gustav Skarsgard.

Joel 05

If he hadn’t inspired Joel to go to college in the first place we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of his work so far.

Right, time for a warm bath and a book.
Still catching up on The Outlander series.


I finally got around to watching ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ yesterday.


Why did I wait so long?
What a brilliant film, I love a good mystery.

Rooney Mara is amazing as Lisbeth Salander and Daniel Craig can do no wrong as Mikael Blomkvist.


The reason I got around to watching it….. finally…… is because my current obsession, Joel Kinnaman makes and appearance.
2 appearances totalling around 30 seconds I think it was!!
Anyway, he did look rather dapper.


He was supposedly brought in as a cameo appearance and set up for a bigger part in the next film.
His character ‘Christer Malm’ is  Millennium Magazine’s art director and designer, “an exhibitionist gay celebrity”

An exhibitionist gay celebrity!!!
I hope this is correct because they have ‘announced’ the next film.
It’s still early days. Only Rooney Mara is confirmed and there is no release date set.

Joel as an exhibitionist gay celebrity!!
That’s actually quite spooky because when I was watching Lola Versus the other night with my husband, there is a scene at the beginning of the film where Joel is busy cooking up a storm for Lola while talking on the phone to a wedding cake designer and my husband turned to me and said…. ‘you know, he’d play a really good gay bloke’ and he’s absolutely right!!
I just hope they keep the character in the next film and bring back Joel in the role.

Anyway, getting off topic now.
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is brilliant.
The first of a trilogy that they are taking their time making!
I may actually try the three Swedish versions as comparison.


I’m working my way through ‘The Killing’ for the second time.
This time I’m taking my time.


The first time around I was just hungry for anything with Joel Kinnaman in it and as much as I enjoyed it, I was blinded by Joel and I missed quite a lot of the nuance of the show.
The second time around, I am taking in the whole story a lot more, all the twists and plot turns.
I am also enjoying the interaction between Holder and Linden. Joel Kinnaman and Mareille Enos.


The first two seasons are one big story arc with the third season having a single season new story arc.

Out of the two stories I think the third season story arc is my favourite, probably because you get to the ‘who done it’ a bit quicker!
However, I love the way Holder and Linden get to know each other in the first story.
I love the way that you are left to feel very unsure about Holder for the first season.
You are not quite sure where his loyalties lie and if he is in fact a good guy or not.
I love the way Linden keeps finding out snippets from his past and gets to really understand him by the end of season 2.
I love the way Holder is quite literally battling with himself to stay drug free and find it absolutely heart wrenching that he is so obviously guilt ridden about what he did to his Sister and Nephew in the past and is desperately trying to rebuild the bridge between them.
I love the way the suspect is constantly changing, right to the very end. It keeps you guessing.

Most of all….. I love the ‘Holderisms’!!
Street smart Holder comes out with some wonderful words of wisdom.
I find myself snickering quite a lot.









I particularly loved that last one.
He’s being so sarcastic but he’s also being so serious and you can just see the cogs working while he’s thinking about it.

Whoever did the casting for the show must have had a real giggle at the final choice for Linden and Holder.
Mareille Enos is a tiny framed 5’2 and is towered over by Joel who is a whopping 6’2 and half.
They look really cute together.



AMC, in it’s ultimate wisdom, decided not to continue into a fourth series, however, Netflix has realised it’s onto a good thing and has picked it up and commissioned a further 6 episodes for a fourth season to bring the series to a conclusion for the fans.
It’s currently filming in Vancouver.
Can’t wait for it to air!!



What a beautiful day!!
The sun is shining.
I don’t have to worry about work until Monday.
I’ve just had my hair dyed and styled. No more grey!!
Did a bit of a shop for Mother’s day gifts and treated myself to a few more films.

Saving Mr Banks, Hours, Kick Ass and the English version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!!

I’m happy about that last one because there is an appearance by Joel in it!!
Much like ‘Safe House’, I don’t think it’s a very big part but is a set up character for the next instalment that they have never got around to making.
It is a film I’ve been meaning to watch long before I even knew Joel was in it so I’m not feeling too guilty about it.

A couple of hours of housework and then I can stuck into some of them….. and a bottle of plonk!


Well this morning was fairly sedate but it was followed by an afternoon I would rather forget!!
Thankfully I’m home now with a nice cold beer and a lovely Paella.
Just need to decide what I’m going to watch although I don’t think even Joel will be able to keep me awake for long tonight!!


Tomorrow I’m having my hair done.
It’s time to get rid of the inch long grey roots!
My natural colour was mousey brown. If I let it grow out naturally now I am completely grey!!
That’s what having three kids does to you.

Me and Ian are going to treat ourselves to dinner out and probably a movie too but I don’t know what yet.

Sunday is going to be a college work day.
I managed to get some done today so it shouldn’t be too bad.
At least I’ll have Joel to keep me company while I do it.