General diary entries


It’s been a quiet morning.
I’ve been a good girl.
I made a shopping list and put a few things into the cupboards and freezer.
I’ve planned food for the next four days and even stocked up on packup items for the kids next week.
I did it all within budget.
I’ve just been and filled my car up for the month and that too, came in under budget.

So, I had a think and then I was a naughty girl.
As I had saved enough from my petrol budget I went onto the Tesco Entertainment site and purchased ‘Easy Money’ starring Joel Kinnaman.
It may be in Swedish with English subs but I don’t really care.
It looks like a good film. My kind of drama, thriller, action movie.
It’s just going to take some getting into,  having to read the subs constantly!!

I needed to do something.
After finishing ‘The Killing’ and promising myself that seeing Robocop 4 times was enough, I’m actually having Kinnaman withdrawal symptoms.
I need to figure out how to change the DNS server on my Netflix account so I can watch the American Netflix.
The UK one is severley lacking in all the things I want to watch.

At least Netflix have comissioned and started filming 6 final episodes for ‘The Killing’
Can’t wait to see how they end it all.
I hope it has a good ending for Linden and Holder.
The one overall defining thing about the series so far is that these two characters don’t have a very happy life.
They do however, fit together as a team very well. They empathise with each other.
They seriously need to get out of Seattle!!
The show does nothing to promote seattle at all. It always seems to be dark, damp and dreary.

Anyway, getting off subject now.
I am actually going to attempt a bit of college work.
There’s something I never thought I’d hear myself saying at this age!

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