General diary entries


I have a small dilema.

As anyone who reads my blog regularly will know, my current obsession is Joel Kinnaman, aka Robocop.
I’ve been working my way through ‘The Killing’ on Netflix and find myself really getting into it.
Joel’s character, Det Stephen Holder, starts off as a bit of a slime and a not so likeable character.


However, he grows on you.
He has issues, ex addict/tweeker, estranged sister and nephew and ever so slowly he weazles his way in until you are completely taken with him.
He’s a good guy. He’s loyal.
I’ve just reached the season 3 finale and he is now also guilt ridden and I am completely smitten with him.

Anyway, I want to see more of Joel’s work.
I know I have three films in post production to look forward to but prior to ‘The Killing’ the bulk of his work was made in Sweden.
Joel has an American Father and a Swedish Mother.
He grew up in Sweden and that’s where his acting career started.
There are two films in particular I want to see.
Easy Money and Easy Money 2.


I’ve seen the trailers and they look really good. The type of action movie I really like.
The only issue I have is that they are in Swedish with English subtitles.
I don’t get on with subtitles but if it means I get to listen to Joel speaking Swedish I think it could be worth it.

Anyway, I didn’t get the college work done today.
I must remember not to get into a TV show or obsess about someone when I need to study!!
I’m going to get my uniform ready for work and then I’m going to sit and mope.
I have nothing else with Joel in that I can watch!!
Even the on Demand service has stopped showing ‘The Darkness’, a sci fi horror with Joel in it, just as I wanted to watch it.
I can only find Easy Money on DVD that I have to send away for.
Guess I’ll just have to be patient.

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  1. Lola Versus, Safe House (at the end), for English-language movies. He is also in a few seconds in English language Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was an intro cameo for the two sequels where he was to play a larger role, but the sequels have never happened.

    Tjenare kungen was on Netflix, does not appear to be now. But Joel is in Arn, the Swedish TV miniseries, as are many Skarsgards. It is on Netflix.

    You are welcome to visit us and snoop around all you want at The Dome. We’ve been following Joel for a long time, lots of pictures and background info.

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