General diary entries


Finally, I can start my quiet day.
It was the kid’s late start at school this morning and they’ve only just left.
I woke them up at 8 and they’ve spent the last hour banging around, argueing and moaning about being tired and hungry.
Dharma in particular was not happy with the fact that there was only toast available for breakfast.
Right up to 9 oclock she moaned and whined until I literally made her get her coat on and shoved her out the door with toast in her hand.
She eats it or she goes hungry!!
Miserable little so and so.

And breath!!!………

Right, today I am going to work out finances ready for payday tomorrow.
I am also going to have a bit of a catch up with some college work.
I’ve neglected it a bit over the last couple of weeks and I’m hopefully getting put forward for some English and Math exams at the end of March so I need to keep going through things so they stay locked in my head, especially the Maths.

Then I’m going to put my feet up.
If the kids come home and moan about sausage, egg and chips for tea I’m liable to do something ‘they’ will regret!

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