Film Reviews


Totally refreshed after a good nights sleep!
My only problem now is my damned foot.
I seem to be virtually back to square one when it comes to pain and getting going in the mornings.
I didn’t take any painkillers at all yesterday and boy did I pay for it last night and this morning.
Anyway, I’m all dosed up now and limbering up quite nicely. Just fed up with constantly having to take pills!

Anyway, I’ve just been enjoying my coffee and having a quick trawl around the internet and I’ve discovered a new trailer.
It’s been a bit of a good news bad news day when it comes to movies.

On the 29th December 2013 I wrote a blog of movies I was excited to see in 2014.
On that list was a film due for release on 21st March but I couldn’t find a trailer.
Stretch, starring Patrick Wilson and Chris Pine.

Patrick Wilson 1  Chris Pine 03

Considering it was less than three months to release, that was not good.
I’ve been keeping my eye out for it ever since and today I see some not so good news.
It was apparantly a pretty low budget movie at just 5 million Dollars.
The distributor, Universal, have said that they need to put together a 20 – 40 million Dollar package to get the movie to the cinema.
They were banking on the ‘Chris Pine’ chip they had but they apparantly lost that with the Jack Ryan movie opening at number 4 in the box office.
They were now unwilling to go ahead with stretch and have been looking for another distributor.
They have so far been unsuccessful and it looks like the movie could go straight to home DVD!


Anyway, there was also a movie that never made it to my list at all.
I’ve said it before, I’m not a comic book fan but I do love my superheroes, especially Marvel superheroes.
I’ve been seeing concept art and the odd photo surface for a movie called ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’
I had never even heard of Guardians of the Galaxy and to be honest my attention wasn’t caught at all by what I was seeing.
I have just seen the first official trailer that has just been released.

OMG this looks amazing!!
So, 1st of August.
That’s another one on my list.

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