General diary entries


OK, I had plans for a blog on Saturday and then that bloody energy bill kicked off and I just couldn’t get excited about anything for the rest of the day.
My whole day was ruined and then I had a sleepless night followed by a long day at work on Sunday.
OH yes, I discovered our boiler had broken when I had a shower before work.
Had to bite the bullet and have a freezing cold shower. Topped the weekend off nicely!!

So today I am determined to try and relax a little bit.
First things first, far from relaxing, I need to write up my ‘Personal Development Plan’ for my college course and then send it to my online portfolio.
Shouldn’t take too long as I’ve already got a rough written copy. I just need to pop it all into a chart.

After that I am going to spend some time gathering pictures for my next blog.
I thought it would be fun to see how various characters have changed throughout the years.
It was inspired by the new Robocop.
In that particular case, Robocop himself didn’t really change very much but the film itself did.
It was made a lot less tongue in cheek and obviously the development of special effects over the last 27 years made a huge difference.

Anyway, I am currently boiling some water so I can actually have a wash!!
We are waiting for a call from the letting agents to see what happens next with that one.

Then I need to do a quick run to Tescos before I can just play on the computer for the rest of the day.
Ian wants to go and see Lone Survivor at the cinema and when he gets home I’m seriously considering going to see ‘Jack Ryan’…… again!!
It’s totally guilt free now we have these unlimited cinema cards.
It actually ‘pays’ to go to the cinema more. Lovin it!
Could have done with it last year when I went to see Star Trek 5 times!!!

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