General diary entries

VIRGIN – 1, E.ON – 0

I’ve just had my afternoon ruined!!

We had an e-mail informing us that our Energy bill was ready to view.
So, as we’ve been having problems over the last year with meter readings and queries on every bill, we went and took a look.
Considering we have a DD of £144 a month we still owe £340.

We are livid.
EON have been trying to reduce our DD’s!! and they’ve worked this out HOW?
The bill was also worked out on estimated readings which were well out and after giving them the correct readings we actually owe £740
To make the news even more exciting, if we continue this way, come the balance on April 1st we could owe as much as £1100!!!!!!!

Luckily, we have kept track of our usage since 2007.
We know that our electric usage has gone up by around 3 or 4 units a day in this house but our Gas usage has actually gone down very slightly.
We’re not idiots. We know energy prices have gone up but they certainly haven’t gone up enough to increase our bill by 100%
£144 was enough to clear our bill all the time at the old property and they are seriously expecting our DD to hit at least £280 in april for this property.
For what? 3 to 4 extra units of electricity a day.

After a very long discussion with a manager, they are going away to investigate our issues over the last year.
Even the manager was at a loss to explain why the system has been trying to reduce our DD’s instead of increasing them.

The whole of the last year, since moving into this property, has been a complete fiasco.
The system wouldn’t except our meter readings, telling us they were too high!
We’ve had to call them in on every occasion and explain that we know what our daily usage is and that the readings are correct.
Every time they cheerfully told us we could reduce our DD’s we told them not to!
Something is just not adding up.
The system is not calculating something correctly.

They have gone away to investigate and we are now waiting with baited breath for a phone call on Tuesday to give us their conclusion.

On the upside, we’ve just had a lovely phone call with Virgin and have managed to reduce that bill by over £50 a month.
Simply by dropping a few services that we never actually use.
No arguments, no selling strategies just a lovely converstion and a thanks for your custom.


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