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Well, after Dharma managed to destroy the screen on her brand new Laptop on Tuesday morning, we were left to ponder how we were going to get it fixed.
We went to the house insurance people who told us that it is covered by the policy.
However, there is a £100 excess that we would need to stump up before the laptop is even looked at!
If the repair was actually less than £100 it didn’t make a blind bit of difference.
If it was uneconomical to repair, it would be replace but we would have to pay a further £18 to get the hard drive back if we wanted it out of the carcass!.
How rediculous. There was nothing wrong with the actual computer side of things, it was just the screen that was broken.

Anyway, we decided to put it on hold while Ian checked something out.
He’s had dealings in the past with a gentleman called Martin Gaunt.
This guy used to do a lot of Freecycling and Ian has crossed his path with a few computers in the past.
He’s local. Just around the corner from Robinson Pool in Bedford.
So he gave the guy a call and explained the situation.
1 hour later we dropped the Laptop at his house and 2 hours after that it was fixed… for £88

So, if you have a PC or Laptop problem give him a go before you go off to an expensive repair service.
He’s honest, he’s good at what he does and he won’t rip you off.
Check him out at

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  1. I’ve used Martin on several occasions and can vouch for his honesty, integrity and willingness to help whenever he can. In today’s world of rip-off Britain, MArtin stands as a fine example of fairness coupled to great service. He also does a terrific line in used IT equipment – great for students or anyone on a budget!

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