General diary entries


As I sat waiting for Dharma in the reception area at school today I noticed something.
Every boy that walked past the window had a hair cut that made him look like Tin Tin!!


What is this fashion faux pas all about?
Why do boys have to have this enormous quiff on top of their heads?
It looks rediculous.

Come to think of it, there is currently a girl faux pas too.
The huge comb over!


Get that parting as low as you can and then sweep it over!!
I can’t believe that this is what Murron is aiming for.
How can I stop her?!!

Categories: General diary entries

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    • I fail to see how expressing an opinion and not even aiming it at anyone makes me a rude bitch!
      I take it you’re a teenager with one of the aforementioned hair styles (although I wouldn’t call it style)?

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