General diary entries


Well, this morning could have gone better.

Murron has got up with another raging UTI and is on her way to the GP.

Poor Dharma came downstairs all happy and ready for school.
She popped her Laptop on the coffee table and was watching BBC iplayer.
She went to do her hair and the brush slipped out of her hands and hit the screen on her laptop!!
One crazy glazed screen!!
She was gutted.

We’re going to have to use house contents insurance to get it fixed.
£100 excess!!
Mummy & Daddy are gutted!!

We’re now back on track for the day.
I’m going to pick Dharma up from school in 15 minutes for her ENT follow up appointment at the hospital.
Chances are she’s getting the other nostril cauterised today so she won’t be very happy later.

Going to have to do a shopping trip after that and then I’m putting my feet up to have a think about where this £100 excess is coming from.

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