General diary entries


My poor feet!!
one of the downsides of having a long spell off work is getting back into the swing of things again.
My poor feet feel like I’ve run a marathon and I’ve got to do it all again tomorrow!!

My kids did me proud today.
With Ian at work and my Mum not well, they were on their own for the day.
I made sure they were moving before I left at 7 this morning and they made sure that the house was all locked up and lights off before they left on time for school this morning.
They all came home and actually worked together to keep the house calm, they got their own tea and everything was under control when me and Ian got in just after 8pm!
Trouble is, now we know they can do it!! mwahahaha!!

Time to put my feet up for an hour or two before bed.
Film or book?
Or maybe just a bit of channel hopping?

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