General diary entries


First day of the month.
February already. Hard to believe.

One day left before it’s back to reality.
It’s been a good couple of weeks.
Totally relaxing, lots of films and a few meals out with Ian.

I am determined to keep it up for the rest of the year.
I am not going to stress about things I cannot change and starting Monday I am going to do something about this weight!!
Marjorie is joining me on that one because she’s starting to pork out a bit.

It’s been a Batman kind of a day today.
We’re just coming to the end of The Dark knight Rises after having already watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.
I think that takes me to around 45 films for the month.
I’ve lost count of how many have actually been watched in the last 2 weeks!

I found the house I’m going to buy tomorrow when I win the lottery tonight.
Only 2.95 Million. It’s a snip and totally gorgeous.
Check it out..

I can still dream can’t I?

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