Month: February 2014


Once again this month our newly aquired Cineworld Unlimited cards have saved us £63.90!

We both went to see Robocop, The Monuments Men and Cuban Fury.
Ian went to see Sole Survivor and took the kids to see The Lego Movie.
I went to see Robocop a further 3 times! Couldn’t resist!

I would have liked to see more but the local cinema played to the kids over the half term holiday and showed nothing but animations which are not really my thing.
Having said that, I’m really looking forward to ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’

Anyway, a grand total of 11 tickets that would have normally cost us £95.70 only cost us £31.80
It’s only going to get better.
There are loads of films coming out this year that I want to see and some of them may just warrant a second or third viewing!


It’s been a quiet morning.
I’ve been a good girl.
I made a shopping list and put a few things into the cupboards and freezer.
I’ve planned food for the next four days and even stocked up on packup items for the kids next week.
I did it all within budget.
I’ve just been and filled my car up for the month and that too, came in under budget.

So, I had a think and then I was a naughty girl.
As I had saved enough from my petrol budget I went onto the Tesco Entertainment site and purchased ‘Easy Money’ starring Joel Kinnaman.
It may be in Swedish with English subs but I don’t really care.
It looks like a good film. My kind of drama, thriller, action movie.
It’s just going to take some getting into,  having to read the subs constantly!!

I needed to do something.
After finishing ‘The Killing’ and promising myself that seeing Robocop 4 times was enough, I’m actually having Kinnaman withdrawal symptoms.
I need to figure out how to change the DNS server on my Netflix account so I can watch the American Netflix.
The UK one is severley lacking in all the things I want to watch.

At least Netflix have comissioned and started filming 6 final episodes for ‘The Killing’
Can’t wait to see how they end it all.
I hope it has a good ending for Linden and Holder.
The one overall defining thing about the series so far is that these two characters don’t have a very happy life.
They do however, fit together as a team very well. They empathise with each other.
They seriously need to get out of Seattle!!
The show does nothing to promote seattle at all. It always seems to be dark, damp and dreary.

Anyway, getting off subject now.
I am actually going to attempt a bit of college work.
There’s something I never thought I’d hear myself saying at this age!


What was it I said yesterday?

“absolutely no margin for anything going wrong this month.”

Seems like that was tempting fate.
Ian came home after his night shift and announces he has a problem with his car!!
We’re hoping it’s just a hole in the exhaust but if not, it could be something quite major.
As Ian is driving a piece of crap anyway, it could be time to look for another piece of crap but unfortunately there’s no money to buy another piece of crap!!
Really not what I wanted to hear today.

Beans on toast it is then for the rest of the month.


Payday arrived this morning… YAY!!

Unfortunatley it didn’t last long.
I’ve paid all the bills and set aside the money for the Direct Debits and food for the month and paid into all the little pots that need paying into for future bills.
However, the Xmas pot is a bit lighter than it should be and there is absolutely no margin for anything going wrong this month.
Not a single penny into the pot to take the kids anywhere. No money for Ian’s birthday and if the kids need new shoes…. the old ones will just have to be duct taped!! Seriously!
So Depressing.

I’m so glad we decided to budget for unlimited cinema cards.
Looks like that’s the only way me and Ian are going to be able to get out together this year!!


I have a small dilema.

As anyone who reads my blog regularly will know, my current obsession is Joel Kinnaman, aka Robocop.
I’ve been working my way through ‘The Killing’ on Netflix and find myself really getting into it.
Joel’s character, Det Stephen Holder, starts off as a bit of a slime and a not so likeable character.


However, he grows on you.
He has issues, ex addict/tweeker, estranged sister and nephew and ever so slowly he weazles his way in until you are completely taken with him.
He’s a good guy. He’s loyal.
I’ve just reached the season 3 finale and he is now also guilt ridden and I am completely smitten with him.

Anyway, I want to see more of Joel’s work.
I know I have three films in post production to look forward to but prior to ‘The Killing’ the bulk of his work was made in Sweden.
Joel has an American Father and a Swedish Mother.
He grew up in Sweden and that’s where his acting career started.
There are two films in particular I want to see.
Easy Money and Easy Money 2.


I’ve seen the trailers and they look really good. The type of action movie I really like.
The only issue I have is that they are in Swedish with English subtitles.
I don’t get on with subtitles but if it means I get to listen to Joel speaking Swedish I think it could be worth it.

Anyway, I didn’t get the college work done today.
I must remember not to get into a TV show or obsess about someone when I need to study!!
I’m going to get my uniform ready for work and then I’m going to sit and mope.
I have nothing else with Joel in that I can watch!!
Even the on Demand service has stopped showing ‘The Darkness’, a sci fi horror with Joel in it, just as I wanted to watch it.
I can only find Easy Money on DVD that I have to send away for.
Guess I’ll just have to be patient.


At a recent Star Trek event in Franfurt, Germany, Karl Urban had an opening question that was not related to Star Trek at all.
He was asked if there had been any news about a possible sequel to Dredd.

Karl has always been pretty cagey about answers to this question in the past.
He has always made it clear that he would jump at the chance to play Dredd again but has never gone much further that spurring the fans into action when it came to showing their support for it.
His answer at this convention changed however.

Karl Urban Says “Conversations are happening”

The possibility is not dead yet!


Finally, I can start my quiet day.
It was the kid’s late start at school this morning and they’ve only just left.
I woke them up at 8 and they’ve spent the last hour banging around, argueing and moaning about being tired and hungry.
Dharma in particular was not happy with the fact that there was only toast available for breakfast.
Right up to 9 oclock she moaned and whined until I literally made her get her coat on and shoved her out the door with toast in her hand.
She eats it or she goes hungry!!
Miserable little so and so.

And breath!!!………

Right, today I am going to work out finances ready for payday tomorrow.
I am also going to have a bit of a catch up with some college work.
I’ve neglected it a bit over the last couple of weeks and I’m hopefully getting put forward for some English and Math exams at the end of March so I need to keep going through things so they stay locked in my head, especially the Maths.

Then I’m going to put my feet up.
If the kids come home and moan about sausage, egg and chips for tea I’m liable to do something ‘they’ will regret!