General diary entries


I can officially announce that Dharma has just completed her first whole week at school since October without a hint of nerves or panic.
Looks like she is well on the way to normality at long last.
What a relief!

It’s a shame that next week she has to have a day out for an ENT appointment to cauterize her other nostril.
Chances are, it may be a bit tricky getting her to school the next day because she might be quite sore and miserable.
But at least from a school point of view, she has no problems at all.

I’ve now just got the weekend before I’m back at work.
I have to give up this life of luxury and movies and reading and family and get back to the real world.
Only a couple of weeks before I have a long weekend though and a good old family get together at a wedding to look forward to.

We’re now at the end of January and so far the year has gone OK.
Bit of a wobble with Dharma and the nose bleeding situation but that was quickly put under control.
Otherwise I have taken the advice I got before Xmas and have made sure that I take time out for myself a little more.
I’ve certainly spent a bit more time with Ian without the kids.

The Cineworld cards have paid for themselves this month.
Based on full priced adult tickets we have saved ourselves £46.50 this month.
We couldn’t have afforded all those cinema trips without the Unlimited Cards.

Right, time to pick up book number two, Dragonfly In Amber by Diana Gabalden.
I’ve just finished Outlander (‘Cross Stitch’ here in the UK)
From what I’ve found out, each book in the series is going to be one season and there are 8 books I believe, so far.
If it’s formatted like the ‘Tudors’ we’ll be looking at 8 – 10 episodes a season and my god!! that first season is going to be a killer!!

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