General diary entries


Dare I say that this week has gone swimmingly with Dharma!!
Every morning she has pounced out of bed and got herself to school.
She’s come home happy and raring to go back.
Just tomorrow to get under our belts now for a 100% attendence for the week.
That will be a first since Oct last year!!

Apart form that I’ve had an exceptionally lazy week.
I’ve enjoyed my movies, just about finished reading ‘Outlander’ again and generally annoyed the kids. (parent’s prerogative!)

Today had a little twist as the school closed early to accomodate the year 9 and 11 careers evening.
Marjorie got lots of advice from a few colleges and Uni’s and actually changed her mind about one of her options.

Thinking about squeezing in another cinema trip tomorrow.
I Frankenstein or Sole Survivor…. Can’t decide.

Anyway, going to get some cheap chicken noodles and then finish the rest of that book!

Categories: General diary entries

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