General diary entries


I can safely say that this is a first.
Blogging in the bath!

I don’t want to talk too soon but Dharma has gone to school without a hitch so far this week. In fact she has virtually flown out the door without a hint of panic.
We just need to keep a good run going now to keep building that confidence.
She actually started talking about ‘when’ she’s going to be studying to be a Dr again today and I haven’t heard her talking like that for a long time.

Murron is Murron.
She’s still headstrong and wants to do her own thing but I think the knowledge that she only has a few months left at school is helping. I just hope she doesn’t blow her exams because not qualifying for her college course now will crush her.

Marjorie has been fighting a bit of a bug over the last couple of days although she did drag her backside to school today and she’s not too bad tonight.

Ian hasn’t been well the last couple of days and it’s about the fourth time in the last four weeks.
We don’t know if it’s just bad luck and bugs or if all of his medications need to be looked at and tweaked. Either way, he has a GP appointment in the morning to talk about it.

I myself, seem to have taken to a life of luxury.
I actually put my feet up for most of the day and got stuck into a good book.
I’m now relaxing in the bath and intend to continue with said book for another hour or so.
I may look like a shrivelled prune but I really don’t care.

I could really get used to this.
49 million on the lottery tonight…. That will do nicely!!

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