General diary entries


Today got off to a fairly good start.
Apart from being very wet and miserable, Dharma got up bright as a button and went off to school with Murron with no problems at all.
Poor old Marjorie on the other hand went to bed last night looking very grey and feeling very sick and stayed tucked up in bed.

It’s been a quiet morning.
I’ve done some food shopping for a few days and added to our Bluray collection by 2.
Rush and Mortal Instruments.

Haven’t seen Rush yet.
I’m not an F1 fan but I do remember James Hunt from my childhood.
It will be interesting to see what Chris Hemsworth does with the role because he looks amazing!

We’ve just had a visit from the heating engineer to service our hot air heating system from the dark ages and apart from needing a new filter it’s all still going OK.
When he’s gone I am going to snuggle on the sofa for a few hours, simply because I can.

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