Dish of the Weeks


Dish of the Week number 49 was James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, a character I know very well from some amazing books I’ve read.

At the end of July last year  I found out that these books were being made into a major new TV series.

Bit by bit information started appearing on the internet and then the principle cast were announced.
I have to admit that when I found out Sam Heughan was cast as Jamie I immediately Googled him and found myself a little dissappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, Sam Heughan is a very good looking young man.



Good looking maybe, 6’3 and a Scot. OK
But Jamie was supposed to be a wild haired ‘red’ head and a little more rugged and weather worn.
Sam wasn’t quite there in my mind.

However, they have since completed filming at least the first 4 episodes of series 1 and have started the promotion game.
I have caught a couple of gatherings with the author Diana Gabalden, the Executive Producer Ron Moore and the two principle cast members, Claire and Jamie played by Catriona Balfe and Sam Heughan.


Sam has gone through a bit of a transformation!
He’s grown the hair and dyed it red.
He’s sporting a rough beard. That one must be a pain to keep the right colour!!



Let’s see….

6’3…. check
Scot…. check
Wild red hair…. check
Blue eyes…… check

Sam was merely Jamie in disguise…. he’s perfect!!


As for Sam as an actor, well we’ll just have to see about that one because I have seen him in absolutely nothing!!
But judging by this trailer I have nothing to worry about.
Follow the link and watch it to the end!!

“You’ll no be scared o me or anyone else here, as long as I’m with you”

Oh be still my beating heart!!
Jamie Fraser has quite literally jumped off the pages of the books and onto the screen.
Do I really have to wait until July to see this?!!!!

Diana Gabaldon recently credited the demographics of her readers as identifying with — and wanting to be — Claire, especially because of her steamy relationship with Jamie Fraser: “They sort of want to lick him,” Gabaldon said.

And she was right!!

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