Occasional rants


It astounds me sometimes, the things I come across on the internet.
The things some people do to get views on Youtube like the ‘cinnamon challenge’ or stunts that mimic Jackass.
Fishface Selfies!!! Why… just…..why?!!!!

Then this morning I see a photo pop up on a friends status.
It’s only there because it’s being ridiculed.

I’m looking at the picture and I try hard to see whatever possessed the two young ladies in question.
To a certain degree I can understand the surgery needed to have a body like this….


Let’s face it, with a body like that they are only going to have to jiggle to the right man and they would be set for life!
If they dressed a little more restrained and less like a couple of tarts they could have a very comfortable life.

However, I cannot understand why they would EVER want to do this to themselves……


How do they actually see themselves when they look in the mirror?
They honestly can’t think that looks sexy…. can they?

What is the need to fishface all about?
I can never understand young girls who trout pout in selfies.
I just makes them look REDICULOUS!!!
To even consider having one permanently placed on your face is completely beyond me.

Plastic surgeons have no ethics.
They should be saying no to this kind of body mutilation.
Instead, they are just thinking about their bank balance.

Categories: Occasional rants

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