Film Reviews


I had a very eclectic afternoon at the cinema today.

We started with Jack Ryan – Shadow Recruit and ended with 12 Years a Slave.
We couldn’t have chosen two films that were so different from each other.
I liked both but for very different reasons.

Jack Ryan was just brilliant.
They have hopefully kickstarted a new franchise.
Chris Pine was amazing and slipped into Ryan’s shoes with ease.
With any luck he’s just found another Franchise to keep him busy for a few years.
It was good to see a film get back to good old explosions and stunts instead of loads of CGI, I hope that continues in the next one.
Now we have Jack Ryan’s back story there is a whole wealth of stories he can now get his teeth into and develop his character.
Can’t wait to see where they take him.

12 Years a Slave was thought provoking.
I can’t remember the last time I sat in a cinema where you could hear a pin drop through the entire movie.
Wonderfully shot and brilliantly acted, I can see this doing very well at the Oscars
That said, I don’t think I could watch it again. It’s not one I’m jumping at to get on DVD.
I actually think ‘Amazing Grace’ is a better film that tackles the same issues and has more of an impact at the end!
12 Years a Slave was good. It made you angry, it made you wince, it made you sad and it made you sympathise but it lacked that final wallop that made you feel it was worth the journey.

So I think, for me, the action packed Jack Ryan has won my vote for the day.
It’s not an Oscar winner like 12 Years but it was much more entertaining.
It’s also on my BluRay want list.

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