General diary entries


Didn’t think we were going to do it again today.
Dharma spent an hour in an absolute panic and was refusing to get dressed.
At one point she even barricaded herself behind her bed.
Something clicked about 20 minutes ago.
She was a changed person.
Up, dressed and out the door with both of her sisters 10 minutes ago!


I’m hoping that a good day at school will be the catalyst for the rest of the week.
If we can get her there for the rest of this week then there is hope for the WHOLE of next week!!

Right, time to lower my blood pressure with a nice cup of milky coffee.
My shoulder has eased off alittle today but I’m still very concious of it and I don’t think it will take much to set it off again.
I also appear to be coming down with a bit of a lurgy.
My throat and the back of my nose are sore when swallowing. I just hope it doesn’t get much worse.
Poor Ian vacated the bedroom at 4am this morning because it was making me snore so loudly!

Anyway, quiet morning and then I have a Functional Skills session at 13:30.
I’ve got some catching up to do after having to miss the last 2 sessions.

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