General diary entries


Don’t know what I’ve done or how I’ve managed it but I’ve either pinched a nerve or tweaked a muscle between my neck and my shoulder on the right hand side of my back!
I just can’t get comfortable.

So Dharma’s hot water bottle has been put to good use and so has the BluRay player.
I’m on my third movie of the day.

After her little vomitting episode last night Dharma couldn’t go to school today so she got to pick the first movie.
She chose ‘Speed’ with Keanu Reeves.
I’d forgotten how much I actually enjoyed that film and I was pleasantly surprised by her choice.

Then I was abandoned and left to try and get comfortable on the sofa on my own.
I’ve just finished watching ‘Star Trek’ and I am now starting…. surprise, surprise….. ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’
Should have just enough time to finish watching it before Murron gets home with her new boyfriend for dinner.

Keanu Reeves, Karl Urban, Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch all in one day.
I am in fangirl heaven and there’s plenty of time for more later!!

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