General diary entries


I’ve noticed a bit of a trend over the last couple of weeks.
Every time I check the stats on my blog to see what people are reading everyday I’ve noticed that my ‘Dish of the Week number 44’ is getting lots of hits.

Number 44 was Chris Pine.
But why all the interest now?

I can only put it down to the fact that ‘Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit’ is due for release.
This Friday to be precise! Now I know what I’m doing Friday.

Chris is playing ‘Jack Ryan’ at the beginning of his career.
Way before the events in films such as Hunt for Red October,  Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger and The Sum of All Fears.
With any luck, if the film is a hit, it will be a good career move for Chris with loads of stories available for Jack Ryan.
He’s great at a bit of action and lets face it, he’s very easy on the eye.

Jack 01


Another film he has due for release in March could be even more interesting.
After the release of Star Trek last year he started sporting a rather fetching beard.

Chris Pine 03

The film due for release in March is ‘Stretch’
From what I can find out, the film is about a chauffeur who takes a job for a billionaire who makes his life hell.
Chris is playing the billionaire and has a rather odd look for the part.
Looks like the beard was a base for some extensions!


MMmmm, not his best look. Could be interesting.
On the upside, the chauffeur is being played by Patrick Wilson!

Patrick Wilson 1

I actually have a lot of respect for an actor who isn’t afraid to knock their looks back for a role and this isn’t the first time Chris has done it.
Before his career really took off he was in a film called Smokin’ Aces and he looked like this.

Smokin Aces

A little reminicent of Brad Pitt in Kalifornia.
I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Brad Pitt was so convincing as Early Grayce in Kalifornia that he made me feel physically sick!!
Brilliant film too!

Early Grayce

So lets see if this post gets some hits.
Any Chris fans reading this, let me know what you think about Jack Ryan and Stretch.
I’m sure I’ll review them on here when I’ve seen them.

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