General diary entries


That’s better.
I actually got a lay in today.
Murron has just gone out the door to spend the day in town with her ‘new’ boyfriend. May actually get to meet him later.
Marjorie is getting ready to go into town with her mates and has cadged a lift……. from me!
Dharma is going to Tescos with Nanny and Grandad. They are going to get totally fleeced!!
She is going to stay at their house tonight as well.

My plan for the day is to do a Tesco run after I’ve taken Marji into town and then come home and do a little tidying up.
After that I plan to sit on my bum and watch some movies.
Seriously thinking about Riddick.
Pitch Black was good. Chronicles of Riddick was exellent (namely because of Vaako played by Karl Urban) but I have yet to see Riddick.
Karl’s in it but only as a cameo for less than 5 minutes.

Ian is doing OK after his injections yesterday.
He came home in a lot less pain and is pretty comfortable today.
Poor little Dharma looks like someone has drawn up her left nostril and top lip with a black permanent marker!
She’s pretty sore up there too. But at least she ‘hopefully’ won’t be having any more nosebleeds.

Right. Time to get dressed and see what the day ‘actually’ brings.
Best laid plans and all that crap!

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