General diary entries


Watching the last episode of Sherlock something was nagging me.
Not the fact that we’ve already come to the end of series 3 but something else and on a second viewing it hit me.

The Actor and Actress playing his parents were very familiar.
Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham.



It wasn’t even that fact that I’ve seen both of them in various TV and film roles over the years.
I suddenly remembered where I had seen them.

It was on a troll around the internet for information on Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch to be precise.
And there’s your clue.
Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham are Benedict’s actual parents!


And there he is. What a little cutie!
Who better to cast as Sherlocks parents!!

Also the Actress playing the new Mrs Mary Watson is Amada Abbington who happens to be Martin Freeman’s long term partner.

martin and amanda

So there really is nothing like keeping it in the family!!

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