General diary entries


It’s been a pretty good week.
Monday was amazing for all the girls.
Tuesday we had a little hiccup but we got back on track on Weds.
Today I have Murron and Marjorie out the door but Dharma?……..

Poor little Dharma who desperately wants to go to school and is dressed and ready to go is currently nursing a nose bleed that just won’t stop!!
She can’t win.
She hasn’t had a nose bleed for nearly two years after having to have her nose cauterized because of a major nose bleed.
However, we noticed a few small ones cropping up over the last few weeks and then last night she simply sneezed and opened the flood gates.
It took us over an hour to get it stopped last night.
This morning she did the same thing again at about 06:30 and although she’s not gushing, she’s still bleeding and it’s just gone 08:00.

GP or A+E?
I’m swinging towards A+E.
It’s going to be a long morning.

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