Dish of the Weeks


OK, first Dish of the year.
There can only be one to kick 2014 off.
It’s Karl Urban.
Looks like this one has staying power and I am just as enamoured now as I was way back in Sept 2012!

This will be his 5th entry on my Dish of the Week list.

In previous posts I have stated…..

From Dish of the Week 36

I’m 43 years old, happily married, have 3 kids, a good job at the local hospital, and yet here I am acting like a school girl with a crush on her first boy band!

Mid life crisis much!!

From Dish of the Week 38

This guy was simply made to wear a suit and long hair or short it doesn’t matter.
It is simply illegal to look this good in a suit.

New year Karl 1

New Year Karl 2

From Dish of the Week 41

Karl is 6’1″
He is 40 years old.
He has a deep commanding voice and an intense stare.
He is happily married with two young sons. One of whom is called Indiana because Karl is geeky enough to name his son after one of his favourite film characters.
He has been a 2000 AD fan since his teens and relished playing Judge Dredd.
He chooses films that he will enjoy filming rather than looking for the next Oscar winner.
He has more than successfully stepped into the shoes of Deforrest Kelly as Dr Bones McCoy in the new Star Trek re-boot.
It has today been reported that there are already talks for a third movie in 2016 to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Star Trek.
I love him ‘because’ he is a geek! and he’s very pretty to look at.

and now…..

Currently I am enjoying him in ‘Almost Human’
A TV show set in the not too distant future where cops are partnered up with androids.
Karl plays John Kennex who is the sole survivor of an ambush in which all his team were killed and he loses a leg.
After 2 years of coma and rehabilitation he is back to work, not accepting his prosthetic leg and not happy about being partnered with an android.

Karl is looking good!!




and double YUM!!

This year he has one film in production, The Wonder. Not sure when this one is set for release.
The only other project on the go at the moment was actually finished back in 2012!!
The film ‘The Loft’ has changed distributor after some legal wranglings and after having it’s release pushed back a few times it looks like they have settled on August 29th this year.
I really hope so.
This leaves Karl with plenty of time to concentrate on Almost Human and maybe have a break!!
the last two years have been a crazy work schedule for him with Dredd and Star Trek promos.

So there we are.
First Dish of 2014!
Think he was actually first Dish of 2013 as well!!
Could become a tradition….. we’ll see.

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