General diary entries


Dharma was off out the door with no problems today so the little hiccup yesterday doesn’t seem to have affected her confidence.

Murron on the other hand……. GRRRRRR
She really tried it on this morning.
She pulled the ‘I didn’t sleep at all last night and now I’m tired and feeling dizzy routine’
I’ve heard it all before.
The fact that I turned her TV off at 01:30, turned her light off and told her to get to sleep did nothing to help her.

She argued.
Called me and her Dad things I won’t put on here.
But! …. she has got out the door.
OK, I had to get Ian to drive her, but she’s gone and she’s not happy.
The school had better be ready for the wrath of Murron!!
I’m so glad I’m working later and won’t have to deal with that after school.

Notice how I never have to mention Marjorie?
Marjorie just plods along and gets on with things without complaining.

Right, time for a coffee and a Dish of the Week.
Wonder how long it will be before we get a call from school?

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