General diary entries


We’ve had another stress free morning.
Dharma got herself off to school without any fuss this morning yet again!!
I think we’ve finally cracked it.
It’s not going to take much to knock her back down again so we’re just praying that she doesn’t have a flare up of either the colitis or the cystitis but for now she seems to be getting back to some normality.
The academic mentoring she had with her Form Tutor and her Dad last week seems to have done the trick!

Anyway, I’ve arranged to be home every morning this week just in case but it looks like that may not have been necessary.
I just hope I haven’t spoken too soon.

I’m going to put her to the test later today.
I want to take her shopping for a wedding outfit in Milton Keynes.
She hasn’t gone more than 10 or 15 minutes in a car for the last 2 months so this will really test her.
I don’t want to be stuck with shopping in Bedford.
I’ve found a lovely store in MK where Marjorie got her outfit from and I took Ian to have alook in there the other day and we saw quite a few bits and pieces that would be ideal for Dharma!

OK, time to get on with a bit of college work…… after I’ve got another milky coffee.

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