General diary entries


The shopping trip I was fearing the most actually went really well.

Murron found a lovely jacket, a little bag and a pair of nice but not slutty heels.
I didn’t have to argue my point over 8 inch heels making a 16 year old look like a tramp!!
I was actually pleasantly surprised.
I even found a pair of shoes for myself.

So, just Dharma to buy for now and I have a little trip planned for MK on Monday afternoon for that one.
Yes, Dharma has agreed to a trip in the car.
I really don’t know what’s got into her today.

Anyway, I’m working all weekend so it’s time to relax.
Time to get the Jammies on.
I may blog a Dish of the Week as I haven’t done one yet this year.
We’ll see.

Categories: General diary entries

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