General diary entries


Today I decided I needed a change.
I’ve been growing my hair now for over a year and haven’t had a good cut for ages.
I’ve been home colouring and my hair had become so dark at the tips and light at the roots it looked terrible.

So, today I took the plunge and went for a cut.
I actually had a bit of a fringe cut in which I have never had with long hair before and the style enables me to work with the curls.
I can ‘supposedly’ just let it dry on it’s own or give it minimal styling.
We’ll see about that tomorrow.

The biggest change has been the colour.
I’ve gone from fairly dark brown to almost blonde!
I must admit, it’s going to take some getting used to and occasionally I catch a glimpse of my reflection and think ‘what have I done?!!’

Murron likes the cut but hates the colour.
Marjorie likes it.
Dharma doesn’t like it.
Ian likes it…. or so he says….
So, bit of a mixed review.

May be spending a lot of time tomorrow just playing with it.

Categories: General diary entries

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