General diary entries


It was another nightmare day with Dharma and school this morning. She had a full on panic attack and didn’t get to school until 09:30. Still, at least she got there.

She had a good talk with her teacher today and has come home quite positive about tomorrow.
She also had a report from all of her other teachers who have told her she’s doing really well and despite all the school she’s missed recently, she not actually behind at all. Again, another boost to her confidence and hopefully a better day tomorrow. We’ll see.

I came home to a happy house.
I spent a lovely hour in the kitchen with Murron as she made a cous cous salad for school tomorrow and I made myself some dinner. I don’t think I’ve even seen Marjorie!! She must have conked out hours ago bless her.

Anyway, I’m tucked up in bed now. The rain has started pelting the window.
Time to do a little channel hopping before giving up for the night.

Categories: General diary entries

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