General diary entries


It’s finally happened and I’m not really surprised.
I am surprised it didn’t happen sooner to be completely honest but did it really have to happen today!
It just feels like a real slap in the face on top of a shit day.

What am I going on about?
The TVtorrent site I have used for at least the last five years is no longer accessible via my provider.
Virgin have been stopping access to more and more torrent sites over the last couple of years and the only reason TVT was still available is because it only dealt with TV shows.
They never allowed music or movies through their site.
Unfortunately my luck has now run out.
This morning I got the message…. ‘ We did not find any results as the URL contains restricted keyword(s)

So that’s it then.
Virgin are obviously blocking any search for URL’s with the word ‘torrent’ in.

I am gutted.
I was half way through Almost Human with Karl Urban and now I don’t know when I’ll get to see the rest as it hasn’t been pick up by anyone in the UK yet.

So that’s it, even after a self imposed reduction in my downloading I am now forced to completely stop.


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