General diary entries


Jan 2nd and all’s well.

I say that, but nothing has really been going on for anything ‘to’ happen!
It’s just been a bit of a wind down from the festivities.
Ian came off of nights yesterday morning and was so tired for the rest of the day we didn’t get out to see a movie like I’d hoped. Maybe today.
Murron has been doing what Murron does best, disappearing out of the house to track down her friends at ‘block’ in town.
Marjorie and Dharma have just been chilling in their new rooms.

Everyone is just making the most of the last few days of holiday.
It’s back to reality for me on Monday and the kids on Tuesday.

As it stands, the only hospital appointment for anyone… so far…. this month, is for Ian who’s going in for facet joint injections on his back on the 17th.
We are expecting an appoinment down in Stanmore after Marjorie got an MRI done on 28th Dec.
But I’m not stressing about any of it. I’m simply going to take them as they come.

Think I’m going to get a few bits and pieces at Tesco later today but other than that, I’m just going to chill.
I was hoping to do a lamb dinner but I forgot to get the joint out of the freezer and I don’t think it’s going to be ready to cook until tomorrow. Oh well.
Freezer dive tonight then.

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