General diary entries


So here I am, up bright and early at the start of a fresh New Year.

This year is ‘going’ to be better.
I plan to make some changes in my life, in fact I’ve already started but signing me and Ian up to Unlimited Cinema cards.
No more having to wait to see just the big films of the year, we can now just nip along to the cinema whenever we want to and watch a film we wouldn’t normally be able to afford to go and see and if it turns out to be crap… who cares!!
Think we may start later today. Haven’t seen ‘The Hobbit’ yet!

Diets don’t start in this house for at least another week.
We have loads of Xmas and New Year goodies still sitting in the cupboards and the freezer, so until that’s gone there’s just no point in thinking healthy!!
I also think that starting your resolutions at the strike of midnight on 31st Dec dooms you to failure anyway!!
It’s much better to have all the festivities well behind you and forgotten about before embarking on life changing projects.

So, what’s in store for today?

Well the house is actually pretty organised considering Mum hasn’t been around to help for a couple of weeks.
Apart from Xmas day she’s been busy getting her own Xmas chores done and she went away for New Year.
She comes back today. I think she’ll have a shock when she see’s that I have actually been doing the ironing!!

Even the girl’s bedrooms are tidy!
After Marjorie and Dharma swapped rooms they had a good clearout and so far, they are still looking good.
Dharma is mega happy that she finally has a bigger bedroom and is determined to keep it organised.
Lets just see what happens when the novelty wears off!
The only thing left to do is get Marjorie a smaller more compact office chair as the one she currently has is HUGE.
It takes up all the remaining space in her new smaller bedroom.
So that is one of the things I will be doing today as I have one reserved at Argos. Will I get parked? I wonder how busy the retail park is going to be?

Anyway, I need to make a quick trip to Tesco for bread and milk for both me and Mum and after 5 minutes tweaking the tidying in the house I literally have nothing to do!
Except wait for the return of ‘Sherlock’ tonight!! Can’t wait!

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