Month: January 2014


I can officially announce that Dharma has just completed her first whole week at school since October without a hint of nerves or panic.
Looks like she is well on the way to normality at long last.
What a relief!

It’s a shame that next week she has to have a day out for an ENT appointment to cauterize her other nostril.
Chances are, it may be a bit tricky getting her to school the next day because she might be quite sore and miserable.
But at least from a school point of view, she has no problems at all.

I’ve now just got the weekend before I’m back at work.
I have to give up this life of luxury and movies and reading and family and get back to the real world.
Only a couple of weeks before I have a long weekend though and a good old family get together at a wedding to look forward to.

We’re now at the end of January and so far the year has gone OK.
Bit of a wobble with Dharma and the nose bleeding situation but that was quickly put under control.
Otherwise I have taken the advice I got before Xmas and have made sure that I take time out for myself a little more.
I’ve certainly spent a bit more time with Ian without the kids.

The Cineworld cards have paid for themselves this month.
Based on full priced adult tickets we have saved ourselves £46.50 this month.
We couldn’t have afforded all those cinema trips without the Unlimited Cards.

Right, time to pick up book number two, Dragonfly In Amber by Diana Gabalden.
I’ve just finished Outlander (‘Cross Stitch’ here in the UK)
From what I’ve found out, each book in the series is going to be one season and there are 8 books I believe, so far.
If it’s formatted like the ‘Tudors’ we’ll be looking at 8 – 10 episodes a season and my god!! that first season is going to be a killer!!


Dare I say that this week has gone swimmingly with Dharma!!
Every morning she has pounced out of bed and got herself to school.
She’s come home happy and raring to go back.
Just tomorrow to get under our belts now for a 100% attendence for the week.
That will be a first since Oct last year!!

Apart form that I’ve had an exceptionally lazy week.
I’ve enjoyed my movies, just about finished reading ‘Outlander’ again and generally annoyed the kids. (parent’s prerogative!)

Today had a little twist as the school closed early to accomodate the year 9 and 11 careers evening.
Marjorie got lots of advice from a few colleges and Uni’s and actually changed her mind about one of her options.

Thinking about squeezing in another cinema trip tomorrow.
I Frankenstein or Sole Survivor…. Can’t decide.

Anyway, going to get some cheap chicken noodles and then finish the rest of that book!


I finally got to see Rush the other day.
I can honestly say that initially my thoughts about seeing it were based on the fact that Chris Hemsworth was in it!!

Hemsworth 01

Shallow, I know.

I am NOT an F1 fan and unless I’m working, Ian is consigned to the bedroom to watch it.
I cannot see the thrill in watching a fast noisy car go around a track over and over again for hours and hours and hours………

I do however, remember all the hoo ha back in 1976 from my childhood.
I remember James Hunt as a regular on the TV thereafter and was just as shocked when he died at the age of 45 as his fans were.
I’d just forgotten that he was actually that young when he died!

Anyway, the film was brilliant, even from the viewpoint of a non F1 fan.
There is no endless car racing to bore the socks off you.
This film actually tells a story.
It perfectly portrays Hunt and Lauda from when they first met right through to the world championship of 1976.
Their private and public lives and of course the all important rivalry.

Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt was actually really good and a perfect choice for the part.
He lost a bit of the ‘Thor’ bulk to play the part but was just as scrummy!

hemsworth 02

Daniel Bruhl did an amazing job as Niki Lauda and was virtually indistinguishable from the real thing at some points.

Bruhl 01

I didn’t realise what a real asshole Niki Lauda was!!
The rivalry between these two was legendary and makes a particularly good film.

Hemsworth 04


I can safely say that this is a first.
Blogging in the bath!

I don’t want to talk too soon but Dharma has gone to school without a hitch so far this week. In fact she has virtually flown out the door without a hint of panic.
We just need to keep a good run going now to keep building that confidence.
She actually started talking about ‘when’ she’s going to be studying to be a Dr again today and I haven’t heard her talking like that for a long time.

Murron is Murron.
She’s still headstrong and wants to do her own thing but I think the knowledge that she only has a few months left at school is helping. I just hope she doesn’t blow her exams because not qualifying for her college course now will crush her.

Marjorie has been fighting a bit of a bug over the last couple of days although she did drag her backside to school today and she’s not too bad tonight.

Ian hasn’t been well the last couple of days and it’s about the fourth time in the last four weeks.
We don’t know if it’s just bad luck and bugs or if all of his medications need to be looked at and tweaked. Either way, he has a GP appointment in the morning to talk about it.

I myself, seem to have taken to a life of luxury.
I actually put my feet up for most of the day and got stuck into a good book.
I’m now relaxing in the bath and intend to continue with said book for another hour or so.
I may look like a shrivelled prune but I really don’t care.

I could really get used to this.
49 million on the lottery tonight…. That will do nicely!!


Today got off to a fairly good start.
Apart from being very wet and miserable, Dharma got up bright as a button and went off to school with Murron with no problems at all.
Poor old Marjorie on the other hand went to bed last night looking very grey and feeling very sick and stayed tucked up in bed.

It’s been a quiet morning.
I’ve done some food shopping for a few days and added to our Bluray collection by 2.
Rush and Mortal Instruments.

Haven’t seen Rush yet.
I’m not an F1 fan but I do remember James Hunt from my childhood.
It will be interesting to see what Chris Hemsworth does with the role because he looks amazing!

We’ve just had a visit from the heating engineer to service our hot air heating system from the dark ages and apart from needing a new filter it’s all still going OK.
When he’s gone I am going to snuggle on the sofa for a few hours, simply because I can.


It’s been a typical wet Sunday today.
Bit of a lay in followed by a lazy morning on the computer with a cuppa.
2 movies under the belt so far.
Captain Horatio Hornblower with Gregory Peck and This Means War with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy!

I’ve just had a little FB conversation with Dharma who is currently at Nan’s house and I’ve convinced her to go to the cinema with me at 4pm to see Jack Ryan.
I know, I know, I’ve already seen it! It’s a sacrifice I am prepared to take.
She is a HUGE Chris Pine fan but she rarely goes to the cinema.
I thought it would do her current confidence level the world of good if she ventured out of her comfort zone a bit.
What better way than seeing a film she is going to LOVE!!

She’s done well this weekend.
She actually went round a friend’s house yesterday and went swimming with her too.
She stayed at Nan’s house last night.
I literally haven’t seen her since about 1pm yesterday and today she’s agreed to go somewhere she wouldn’t ordinarily go to even when she’s 100% fit and healthy!!
I’m really proud of her today.
I’m hoping that this week will be a 100% attendance level at school.
We’ll see.


Dish of the Week number 49 was James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, a character I know very well from some amazing books I’ve read.

At the end of July last year  I found out that these books were being made into a major new TV series.

Bit by bit information started appearing on the internet and then the principle cast were announced.
I have to admit that when I found out Sam Heughan was cast as Jamie I immediately Googled him and found myself a little dissappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, Sam Heughan is a very good looking young man.



Good looking maybe, 6’3 and a Scot. OK
But Jamie was supposed to be a wild haired ‘red’ head and a little more rugged and weather worn.
Sam wasn’t quite there in my mind.

However, they have since completed filming at least the first 4 episodes of series 1 and have started the promotion game.
I have caught a couple of gatherings with the author Diana Gabalden, the Executive Producer Ron Moore and the two principle cast members, Claire and Jamie played by Catriona Balfe and Sam Heughan.


Sam has gone through a bit of a transformation!
He’s grown the hair and dyed it red.
He’s sporting a rough beard. That one must be a pain to keep the right colour!!



Let’s see….

6’3…. check
Scot…. check
Wild red hair…. check
Blue eyes…… check

Sam was merely Jamie in disguise…. he’s perfect!!


As for Sam as an actor, well we’ll just have to see about that one because I have seen him in absolutely nothing!!
But judging by this trailer I have nothing to worry about.
Follow the link and watch it to the end!!

“You’ll no be scared o me or anyone else here, as long as I’m with you”

Oh be still my beating heart!!
Jamie Fraser has quite literally jumped off the pages of the books and onto the screen.
Do I really have to wait until July to see this?!!!!

Diana Gabaldon recently credited the demographics of her readers as identifying with — and wanting to be — Claire, especially because of her steamy relationship with Jamie Fraser: “They sort of want to lick him,” Gabaldon said.

And she was right!!