General diary entries


I’m ashamed of myself.

I’ve been seeing screen capped pictures of Karl Urban popping up on the internet and I just couldn’t identify them.
At first I thought they were early shots of him in next years release of ‘The Wonder’ because he was in a car with a couple of kids.
However, it turns out it’s from a US TV spot for the ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ movie.
A movie in which Karl Urban is the voice of ‘Uncle Zack’
I’m a tad confused however, because it’s a live action TV Spot with Karl in a car with two kids and he’s showing them a dinosaur tooth but on his IMDB site he’s cast as ‘Uncle Zack’ voice only.

Anyway, that one crept up on me from nowhere!

I’m going to study the up coming films of 2014 and picking out some of the movies I plan to see.
Time to get back to my childhood hobby and have a bit more ‘me’ time.

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