General diary entries


I can’t believe I agreed to the plan my kids have hatched up.

It’s been a lovely Xmas.
I hosted for my parents for the first time in almost ten years.
I just haven’t had the space before this because my dining room has always been a bedroom.
After moving to a bigger house in January, I had no excuses!

Boxing Day was spent at my Mum’s house with my Brother and his kids and his new partner and her son.
It was a very layed back day.
I don’t think anyone was really in the mood for much.
The usual arguments ensued when the ‘men’ wanted to watch football all afternoon and if they weren’t watching football they were wanting to play ‘Call of Duty’
Anyway, we did get some games going with lots of cheating going on and lots of giggles.

We got home about an hour ago and then things took a turn.
Dharma started to get a bit tearful about her bedroom and the fact that she always has the small room.
Dharma is the only one of the girls who now still needs a bit of floor space to play with things and she just doesn’t have it.
So after much discussion, we came up with a solution.

Marjorie and Dharma are going to swap rooms!!
My wonderfully generous middle daughter, Marjorie, has told Dharma she doesn’t mind swapping.
Marjorie only uses her room for sleeping and lounging around so the smaller space won’t make much of a difference to her.
The bigger space is going to make Dharma so much happier.
She owes Marjorie….. BIG TIME!!

So! What do you think I’m doing tomorrow?
You guessed it.
It’s going to be a mega sort out and move around day.


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